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Raindrops on the Cobalt Title Image

And the Rains Came

As I write this, it's still summer, but fall is letting me know it's coming.

Posted: 12/9/18

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Cobalt SS Windshield Title Image

Third Time's the Charm

I wish.

Posted: 12/2/18


Cobalt SS Turned Wheel Title Image

Cobalt Thrash-Fest: Phase 2

Phase 2 of the After Vacation Cobalt Thrash-Fest is complete.

Posted: 11/25/18

Cobalt SS Nose Title Image

Dealing with the Dent

Dealing with the repairs to the Cobalt has been a bit of a whirlwind since I got back from vacation.

Posted: 11/18/18

Cobalt SS Wheel Title Image

Busting the Cobalt's Ball Joints

I've discovered that being the owner of a 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Supercharged and using it like a normal car – to transport my ass from point A to point B – means revisiting front end repair over and over and over again.

Posted: 11/11/18


Getting Back in Shape

The Projects are back!

Posted: 11/4/18


2007 Ford Mustang

Getting Some Shelby Action

Today I test drove a 2009 Shelby Mustang GT-500.

Posted: 10/28/18

Cobalt SS on Going to the Sun Road Title Image

Triumphant Return Home

Aaaaand, I'm back.

Posted: 10/21/18

Cobalt SS on Vacation Title Image

Road Testing the Detailing

It took all of 30 or so miles to ruin the 61 hours of detailed work I did on the Cobalt.

Posted: 10/14/18

Cobalt SS Complete Detail Title Image

Crossing the Finish Line

It's finally over – I mean, I finished the project!

Posted: 10/7/18


Cobalt SS Detailed LSJ Engine Title Image

Down the Homestretch

Cleaning the Cobalt: Day 11.

Posted: 9/30/18

Cobalt SS Polish and Compound Title Image

Compounding, Polishing, Glazing, and Waxing, Oh My!

Day 10.

Posted: 9/23/18

Cobalt SS Polish and Compound Title Image

Final Polishing for the Cobalt SS

Boy, that title is misleading.

Posted: 9/16/18

Cobalt SS Headlight Title Image

Completing the Cobalt's Headlights

The Cobalt's headlights are finally complete.

Posted: 9/9/18

Cloudy Cobalt Headlight Title Image

Day 7: Cobalt Headlight Heaven

On day seven of Cleaning the Cobalt SS I put in another four hours for a total of far.

Posted: 9/2/18


Repaired Cobalt SS Engine Cover Title Image

Day 6: More Clay Barring for the Cobalt

Day six and six more hours of cleaning.

Posted: 8/26/18

Mothers Speed Clay 2.0 on the Cobalt SS/SC Title Image

Clay Barring the Cobalt SS

In my stupor the last two nights, I forgot an important step: clay barring the paint.

Posted: 8/19/18

Cobalt SS Brightened Blower Title Image

Engine Cleaning Oopsie

I had big plans for day four, primary of which was to finish cleaning the engine compartment in the Cobalt.

Posted: 8/12/18

Cruddy Cobalt Engine Title Image

Cleaning the Cobalt's Go Parts

Day three: I've almost finished cleaning the engine.

Posted: 8/5/18


Freshly Scrubbed Cobalt SS Title Image

Cleaning the Cobalt SS: Day 2

I spent another three hours on the Cobalt today.

Posted: 7/29/18

Road Tripping in the Cobalt Title Image

The Cobalt's Dirty Little Secret

I have a confession to make:

Posted: 7/22/18

Look What the Cat Dragged In Title Image

Look What the Cat Dragged In

Long time, no, write?

Posted: 7/15/18


Going for a Joy Ride Title Image

Going for a Joy Ride

I recently got the Cobalt back from the dealership after getting some much-needed repairs taken care of and when I got home, I found My Speed Demon randomly popping up in unusual places.

Posted: 4/22/18

Keeping Yourself Together Title Image

Keeping Yourself Together

An automotive enthusiast's hobby can be a complicated and hectic one, so hectic, in fact, that borrowing productivity tools from business can be a real help.

Posted: 4/15/18

The Real Origin of the American Muscle Car Title Image

The Real Origin of the American Muscle Car

The Muscle Car – where did it come from?

Posted: 4/1/18


Staying in Touch Title Image

Staying in Touch

One of my biggest hurdles with Classics and Performance is keeping myself from becoming too insulated – otherwise known as being out of touch.

Posted: 3/25/18

Reconciling with My Demon Title Image

Reconciling with My Demon

Today My Speed Demon and I made a big step forward: I introduced it to the Cobalt for the first time.

Posted: 3/18/18

Simplifying the Hobby Title Image

Simplifying the Hobby

As I was lying in bed the other night, I got to thinking about projects, complexity, and management.

Posted: 3/4/18


Phoenix Rising Title Image

Phoenix Rising

Classics and Performance has no home.

Posted: 2/25/18

Return of My Speed Demon Title Image

Return of My Speed Demon

Guess what?

Posted: 2/18/18

Home Buying for Auto Enthusiasts Title Image

Home Buying for Auto Enthusiasts

If you're an auto enthusiast, home buying is incredibly important to the future of your hobby.

Posted: 2/11/18

The All New 2018 Ford Mustang GT Title Image

The All New 2018 Ford Mustang GT

There I was, cruising the supermarket isles when I came across the magazine section and spied the latest Motor Trend.

Posted: 2/4/18


Living without a Budget Title Image

Living without a Budget

The greatest thing about not having a budget is not being limited by it.

Posted: 1/28/18

My Speed Demon, the Prequal Title Image

My Speed Demon, the Prequal

Back in February of 2006, I revealed the existence of My Speed Demon.

Posted: 1/21/18

Brains on a Hubcap Title Image

Brains on a Hubcap

That's what Classics and Performance is.

Posted: 1/7/18

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