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12'x20' VersaTube Metal Building

The Service Garage

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My Service Garage — that is, the building I'll work on my Car Projects in — is currently planned to be a 12'x20' structure and it's completely inadequate for my needs — it can barely fit a car in it, much less me and/or any equipment — but that's what happens when your car hobby doesn't fit within your budget.

While the Service Garage is critical for engaging with my hobby, the fact of the matter is that the Storage Garage is the keystone to being able to afford to move forward with everything — and that means that the Service Garage I have planned right now is merely an afterthought. Without the Storage Garage in place, I can't afford to get a home, which will allow me to build the structures I need to engage with my hobby in any meaningful way. So, with the Service Garage essentially an add-on once the home and Storage Garage are in place, it's an expense I don't know how I will afford since I can't even afford the home right now.

Like the Storage Garage, the Service Garage won't have any luxury elements such as HVAC or insulation, all I can afford (or can't, as the case may be) is to put up a secure structure that I can work on my cars in.

Again, as with the Storage Garage, the most reasonable option I've found is a standard pre-fab kit from VersaTube. It will hopefully allow me to inexpensively get it up with my own two hands so that I can begin engaging with my cars again and return them to the road as soon as possible.

This is the plan as I see it now, and just as with the Storage Garage, it needs to remain flexible to adapt to any changes that may happen with my life going forward, so check back here to see if my plans for this building change.


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