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30'x40' VersaTube Metal Building

The Storage Garage

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My Storage Garage will need to be at least 30'x40' to fit all my Car Projects, parts, and equipment in — and it's going to be a tight fit.

This is the most important building in my plans because storing my junk at home is going to be a necessity to afford the home — which I don't yet have.

After taking some careful measurements of the various things that need to be stored, I realized that 1200 square feet is going to be cutting it close, but at least it will hold everything.

The negative side of the most reasonable 30'x40' garage I can build is that I can't actually get the cars out once they're in without some serious gymnastics. It will also leave no room for expanding my hobby in the future. I'll be stuck with it and that sucks. However, I also need to be realistic about the resources I can pull together to build anything for storing my stuff, and since adding square footage means adding dollars I don't have, for now I'll have to plan to make do.

That plan, as I currently see it working, means taking a minimalist approach that doesn't include fancy elements such as HVAC and insulation. It just needs to be a secure building that I can properly organize my hobby in.

To that end, the most cost-effective option I've found is a standard pre-fab kit from VersaTube. Although I haven't constructed one yet, I've done significant research into them and they are the easiest and least expensive kit I've found. In fact, they're kinda like an erector set for adults — so I'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty putting this thing up.

Although this is currently my plan for the Storage Garage, my life is fluid, which means this plan needs to remain flexible so that it can adapt to any changes that may come up. Keep your eyes peeled as anything and everything about this project could change at any time.


The Storage Garage Frame Title Image

Storage Unit

That's what this building is, and the rest of my hobby hinges on it.

Updated: 4/7/19


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