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Classics and Performance exists for a simple reason: to share my passion for the Muscle Car.

I've loved both Muscle Cars and car magazines for decades now — since I was a teenager in high school.

That love affair prompted me to create my own magazine — Classics and Performance — back in 2002, which focused on all aspects of the mighty American performance car.

It never got off the ground.

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While I was able to publish a very short run of the initial issue, the resources and other demands required to produce a magazine were way beyond my limits and I found myself unable to continue my quest to create a magazine tailored to my own vision of what an automotive publication should be.

Forced to shelve my idea for a year, in September of 2004 I made the migration from hardcopy to 1s and 0s — when I created the first Classics and Performance website. It featured a new logo, a new look, and terrible execution.

Classics and Performance Logo Version 1

I had no web design experience and no idea of how to produce a functional website.

After some fumbling around, I re-designed it and in May of 2005, I rolled out an improved version...that still needed a lot of help.

But, at least it was usable.

Classics and Performance Automotive Magazine

I found minor success with it until 2009, when I had to take a step back. During my seven years away, I worked to achieve a better understanding of web development and the site was left nearly dormant with only minor content updates coming once or twice a year.

All that changed in 2016, when I was finally ready and able to re-engage with it. In that time, the web had changed dramatically, and Classics and Performance needed a great deal of help to make it usable again.

It felt a lot like Classics and Performance was in the same place it was back in 2004 — a nearly non-functional site that no one would want to visit.

Classics and Performance Logo Version 2

With no other choice, I rolled up my sleeves and got down to business. I began producing regular content updates while re-working the functionality of the website behind the scenes. In August of 2016, Classics and Performance was working like a website should — even if it looked extremely outdated.

It took more than another year of development, but in September of 2017 I finally achieved my vision for Classics and Performance.


Classics and Performance Logo Version 3

Going forward, my plan is to continue to add features, create more and better content, and improve the user experience of Classics and Performance for years to come.

After fifteen years, it has almost become every bit the love affair I have with Muscle Cars, and the two are now inextricably linked for me.

I hope you enjoy it as well.

Ryan King

Muscle Car Enthusiast

New Headshot

Where does my interest come from? Why is it Muscle Cars and not BMWs, Ferraris, or Hondas?

All these questions and more are answered on my biography page, replete with a photo album that illustrates my bizarre fetish — I mean fascination — with greasy car parts, beautiful bodies, and horsepower.

You can click the link above, or photo to the right, to find out things nobody needs to know about me.

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