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1966 Ford Mustang GT

A Valuable Lesson

My first GT Mustang was of the '66 variety. The long and the short of the whole "Ryan wants a '66" story goes something like this: My first car was in bad shape (body, etc), and I thought it would be more economically, time, and energy effective to replace it with something in better shape to start with. I also wanted a manual instead of an auto — therefore I traded it for the Turquoise '66 in a round-about way and it promptly got totaled. After I got out of college, I decided to forge forward with my dream. Desiring an even better platform to begin with, I bought a '66 GT coupe which had fast ratio steering, front disc brakes, a manual transmission, and a 4-barrel 289 — all with a better body, well at least, condition anyway. Problem was, I wasn't a big fan of the looks of GT coupes. I like GT fastbacks and standard coupes, but not so much the blending of the two. I convinced myself this was a good idea on paper, but it was just never what I wanted. I wanted my first car with a manual. So, lots of money later, it went to a better home. Expensive lesson learned. The moral: don't compromise, get what you really want, be happy. Photo: Ryan King, 2003.

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