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1987 Ford Mustang LX

The Survivor

This car — another 1987 Ford Mustang LX Sedan — has just north of 14,000 original miles on it.

No shit.

Its underside also looks like its been resting under the ocean since WWII.

When the purchase of my first Saturn left a thoroughly repugnant taste in my mouth, I decided to try to do something about it. Not only did I not particularly like the car, but it was obviously working its way — albeit, slowly — toward its own demise.

After months of searching for a worthy replacement, it was starting to feel like a fruitless venture when I came across this low-mile '87 LX.

It was from Massachusetts where, as I'm sure many people are familiar with the knowledge, the winters are harsh and the snowy roads maintained with even harsher methods — at least for the sheet metal of automobiles. Which ultimately means any automobile coming from that area of the country is — as many car enthusiasts know and no disrespect to those residing in that state — suspect.

After many emails back and forth, the owner swore up and down that the car was in excellent condition and that the only rust on the vehicle was what he had shown in the photos he had posted in the eBay listing.

We made a deal.

I had the car shipped.

I received the car and found that the undercarriage was toast — and I mean everything. The sheet metal, the brakes, the suspension and steering, and the entire rear end — even the oil pan.

It was against my better judgement to buy another car without thoroughly inspecting it in person after my last debacle on eBay with the '89 LX SSP, but I had hopes that this time I had found a good one.

So much for bringing in a car that I could use as my daily driver, this thing was a monumental project.

The only redeeming value was a combination of its otherwise pristine condition, extremely low miles, and that the body wasn't rusted through — well, all but a small spot on the lip of the trunk and a much larger section along the lip of the trunk lid, which I was already aware of.

I made a valiant effort to put it on the road after I bought it in September of 2006, but I found myself running out of time before I could finish it. As a result, "the Survivor" as I've dubbed it, is sitting in pieces awaiting my tender ministrations.

It's been waiting since 2007. Photo: Ryan King, 2006.

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