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1995 Ford Mustang GT

The GT

Unlike my first GT, the '95 GT was one I really wanted.

As a kid, I thought the Fox body cars of the '70s,'80s, & '90s were sacrilege. Then came along the '93 Cobra and the return of the running mustang to the grill. That was better. Then the '94 was produced and I felt like the Mustang had returned to its roots. It was curvy and aggressive with cues from the '60s original — it looked like a Mustang again and I found myself completely enamored with the car.

Of course, at the time, I had no way of affording one, so I bided my time. Not ten years later I found myself the nearly perfect version: GT, black, low miles, manual transmission — it was a match made in heaven.

Although not perfect, it was an excellent car. It cornered just the way I wanted it too, it had excellent brakes, and a healthy — if not completely invigorating — pushrod 5.0 V8.

If there are any complaints about this car, the only one that really sticks out for me is that, in the originals, the driver sat in the car, with the center of balance at right about hip level, making it feel completely responsive, as if everything runs through your gut, the newer one still has the problem the earlier Fox Bodies do, you feel like you're sitting on the car with the center of gravity below your butt, thus taking you out of connection with the car.

Otherwise, this was what I thought the Fox Bodies always should have been.

And I still have it to this day.

In pieces.

But it's my baby. Photo: Ryan King, 2004.

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