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2002 Saturn SL2

The SL2

When the second engine began giving up the ghost in the '97 Saturn SL and the needed repairs were stacking up, I decided the best choice was to replace it with something more reliable.

With my newfound knowledge of the original Saturns and their quirks, I had a pretty good idea that this 2002 Saturn SL2 I found online was something I could work with, so off I went to find it.

Again, I was in a bad position from which to make a purchase, and this time I was facing down a rising market for small, fuel-efficient cars.

She was a gem, though.

In fact, the only reason I found it was that someone in the dealership had gotten overzealous and posted it before it was even through inspection. I was literally the first person on the phone and through the door.

All that meant one thing and one thing only: they weren't going to budge on the price and I was reluctantly forced to buy it at a premium.

I was still glad I did.

I really loved this car.

It accelerated with ease, it had good brakes, decent handling, and was great on gas. All-in-all, a fun, solid, well-rounded daily driver with the added bonus of extremely low miles.

This was the second time it was like I went off and had a car redone, but oh man, what a rebuild.

It was honestly worth every penny.

Then, not a year later, it was totaled by a hit and run driver.

But, that heralded the coming of my constant companion of the last four years: the Cobalt SS/SC.

Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some, and sometimes you do them both at the same time. Photo: Ryan King, 2012.

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