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Pure Joy, Incarnate

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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When I build something, specifically and especially, automotive, I have a goal that usually drives everyone around me nuts: perfection.

I'm not naive, it's not a goal I think can be achieved, but it is the goal I strive for.

It is my passion.

It's my passion because for me, the automobile is an ultimate expression of human existence — of being.

The reason I view the automobile as that ultimate expression is simple:

  • It is made up of every aspect of what it is to be human.
  • It is an expression of the beauty of art through design: By my definition, design is the focused, functional, useful application of art, which is by itself, merely expression.
  • It is a culmination of science and technical understanding with a purpose through applied engineering: The process by which concept and theory are used to create a functional piece that achieves a goal.
  • It is a piece of history: It is like a time capsule of sorts, a look into a period of time that embodies the art and science, design and engineering of the day. It will have made its own history. It's design and performance will be a part of history like the pyramids, the wheel and great works of literature. It will also be an intrinsic part of my history and me, its.
  • It is a protective cocoon for disciplining my mind and emotions through meditative focus: It provides a sort of sensory deprivation that allows for clear focus, which leads to self awareness and understanding, to harmony with the self, then harmony with the vehicle, then harmony with the world around me as my senses expand to not just see, but feel the road, not merely as it bumps along under the wheels and tires, but the road as it rolls out before me. It allows me to truly touch my spirit, grow and develop it. Ultimately bringing me closer to understanding and appreciating not just mine, but all life.
  • It fulfills the need for thrills and excitement: Through high speed driving, it provides that rush of adrenalin, but not in the way that going on a roller coaster does, it does so while really, truly pushing my mortality and requiring me to reign in my mind and emotions lest a mistake cost me everything.
  • It satisfies my hunger for competition: It is the suit of armor I wear into "combat," of a sort. It is like a weapon, a protective shield and my trusted steed all rolled into one, that I ride to vanquish anyone who challenges me.
  • It is a crucible by which I test and push every skill I have: mind, body, spirit and energy.
  • It is a best friend: It is trust worthy, it will go nowhere. It will always be there for me and depend on me. It will take and join me on epic adventures, share with me the trials and tribulations of life and be there during my greatest triumphs.

For me, a car is not simply an appliance that gets me from point A to point B. It isn't a banal trinket I use to impress others with my status. It is not something I abhor spending time with.

A car is pure joy, incarnate.


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