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by Ryan King

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Meticulous is a term often associated with other terms like anal or pedantic, however, that shouldn't be the case. It's actual definition is more accurately described as detailed, careful or precise. Basically, being meticulous is better associated with being accurate.

The problem for many people is that being meticulous requires a higher level of motivation and effort than they want to, feel like, or are able to expend, but that doesn't actually lessen the value of being meticulous.

Being meticulous is important for achieving one thing, and one thing alone: excellent results.

Results that don't have pieces missing, inconsistent quality, or poor performance.

Being meticulous means achieving success all across the board — not just in some areas — so that you have to look over the fact that you failed to achieve success in others. It takes motivation, dedication, energy, time, and effort to achieve success through meticulous methods, but, in my experience, they are more than worth it.

In case you think that being meticulous doesn't achieve actual results, you need look no further than the likes of Chip Foose, BMW, Toyota, or Apple. Like it or not, being meticulous succeeds in not just finding success, but domination.

What do you think made Michael Schumacher successful? Talent? Sure. Practice? Absolutely. The ability to perform under pressure? No argument here. But also, being meticulous in both preparation and execution. The same is true for Peyton Manning, Michael Jordan, or Ichiro.

The truth is, being meticulous has been both a hallmark, and a foundational building block of countless great achievements.

As I see it, why would I want to approach any important endeavor I'm undertaking with anything less?


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