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Achievement Unlocked

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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My evil plan for renovating Classics and Performance is finally being implemented, starting with an update of the current site.

Years ago, I began making an attempt to update Classics and Performance to a better, more accessible design, but, alas, that attempt failed since I lacked the necessary understanding to update the design to new website conventions.

The old design was dated when I originally developed it, and it is even more so now, but, in order for me to re-engage with it, it is necessary for me to start working with what I have, while developing the new and improved site behind the scenes (development, and my education in web design, are iterative processes).

To that end, I have revamped the old site, both in the design of the interface, and the content.

As far as the design goes, the content is now a little easier to read, and the layout has been completely revised so that all the pages utilize the updated coding, and thus, are all more cohesive.

The content itself is getting a reworking to help the process of updating to the new site. The projects have been removed for the time being. Due to major changes over the past seven years, I needed to completely scrap everything I had done and approach the projects and the content with a completely different, more cogent strategy.

The Reviews and Technical sections are updated in design/functionality, but only one new article at this point, a review of Mustang Fifty Years. Otherwise, they are staying the same for now.

Horsepower Junkie is also gone for now. The new website will hopefully bring a new opportunity for a webcomic — we'll see.

Bench Racing, like Reviews and Technical, has been updated in design and functionality, but content will be trickling in until I get complete development on the new site, and get it implemented.

Links is also gone for now, but the rest, other than a slightly updated look, remains mostly, but not entirely, untouched.

That is the current state of my union.

Stay tuned as I continue to add bits of content now and again until I am able to finally spit out the new and improved design.

Until next time, keep'er between the lines.


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