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Use = Care

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by Ryan King

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The equation is simple.

The amount and type of use a vehicle sees dictates the amount and type of care it needs to receive.

That's why things like racing, which use a car harder than, say, commuting, require more care — it's also why daily drivers don't make good race cars — racing requires so much care that the care needed to keep the car in good shape actually takes the car out of daily driver duty because it isn't available to drive every day.

That's also why daily drivers don't make good show cars. The amount of care it requires to keep a car in show readiness is high without driving it. As soon as you start to rack up miles, the care goes off the chart.

Realistically, there are so many variables around vehicle use, that vehicles need to be focused on a specific task in order to be used and cared for effectively.

Yes, you can multitask with a car, but it requires very careful planning, and then, you still have to be careful which tasks the vehicle is used for because some just aren't compatible.

Basically, strategy is important when figuring out how to best use a vehicle, so some forethought plays a critical role in gaining the most from your automobile.


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