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Happy Hobby Days

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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Family obligations, festivities, work schedules, and miserable weather can all play a part in pulling you away from your hobby.

With the holidays upon us, it's easy to lose momentum on projects.

That doesn't necessarily mean you have to let it happen.

Outside of getting back on the horse when the distractions are dispensed with, there is another way to keep up with progress:

Plan for this time of the year.

That sounds trite, but coming up with small goals to meet during the holidays may allow you to get out in the shop for 30 minutes here and there, complete a small task, then jump back into your life.

If, like many people, your shop is too cold to get anything done in, or you don't have a shop to work in at all, you can target some goals that can be accomplished indoors such as research and planning.

If you are a super die-hard driver like myself and — unlike myself — have the wherewithal to afford it, add a winter performance vehicle to your collection that will allow you to drive in inclement weather. There are quite a few out there, even if they aren't as well-known or perform as well as their purebred performance counterparts. Just be safe, driving in any form of winter weather can be dangerous, even if it is just cold, dark, and rainy.

There are lots of opportunities to keep you going if you are willing to dig them up.

Happy Holidays, everyone. I hope yours is filled with cars, parts, and tools!


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