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Happy New Year, 2016 Edition

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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Happy New Year!

It happened again — it became another new year on the Gregorian calendar.

Looking at my big goals for this year:

  1. Learn more. I'm still not smart enough — damn.
  2. Earn more. I'm still not rich enough — well, that's a misleading statement, I'm just plain-old poor, and very appreciative that I'm not currently living on the street.
  3. Do more. I like to do stuff with my cars, and as soon as I take care of those other two things, I'll do this, here, third thing.

All that said, I'm looking forward to this being an awesome year.

By awesome I mean a year in which I get to continue to draw breath and stay on this side of the terra firma, or aqua infirma, as the case may be.

Not a big fan of swimmin' with the fishies.

Unless I'm actually swimming with fish, that's pretty awesome.

The current state of my union (with my cars, love those nut jobs) is as follows:

  • Project 351: Not running well (at least the last time I checked), in storage, and waiting.
  • Project Commuter: In pieces, not running, in storage, and waiting.
  • Project GT: In pieces, not running, in storage, and waiting.
  • Project LX: In pieces, not running, in storage, and waiting.
  • Project Puddle Jumper: (You don't know about this one), being used, and getting used up — and not in the fun way.
  • Car Hobby: On hold — well, that depends on whether or not you consider edumacation, research, development, and seeking funding to be "on hold." I am actively not working on any car at the moment — or enjoying any of them, for that matter. So, I'll leave that conclusion up to you.
  • Classics and Performance: Working feverishly to do something with it. Something new. Something better.

I know, I recently posted something to the effect of that last one, but it's still true, and I am still making progress. In fact, I just made more progress last night — looking forward to making more progress soon.

I'm very progressive.

Really, who wants shit to stay the same, anyway? Boring if you ask me — and my life is anything but boring.

Until next time, keep the shiny side up.


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