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by Ryan King

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I find a lot of people, especially car people, love to crammit.

I think the concept is something akin to the mantra of "git 'r done."

And it's about as effective.

Git 'r done is a great attitude when you don't give a shit what results you actually achieve, only that you reach a point where you quit and you are able to pronounce something finished.

Crammit is a word I've coined to describe the process by which a person starts working on a project without a very well thought out plan, and when shit no longer fits, they crammit in place — thus making them feel they've dealt with something and no longer have to concern themselves with it. Although not limited to, it often occurs when there isn't enough space for all of the tools, equipment, materials, parts, supplies, etc, for a project. While you might not have to rethink your organization system, in reality, you will be slowing down to deal with that crammed element every single time you have to move it to get to something else, to use it, or to make space to perform work — not to mention the extra effort and accompanying exhaustion that will further hamper your efforts.

What it all boils down to, for me, is that "crammit" isn't a good idea to get things done, it's a cuss word to describe being too impatient, lazy, or otherwise unable to rework your plans to include whatever it is you are cramming. Much like "git 'r done" is a motivational tool for finishing, but fails to achieve precision results that meet the needs of the completed work, crammit is a method for dealing with something in the moment, but fails to do so in the long run, and only results in more difficulty later.


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