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Garage Philosophy

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by Ryan King

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The garage as afterthought is a hideous concept to me.

I'm sure you are well aware of this idea.

Someone pulls into their garage, it has unfinished plasterboard walls, it is poorly lit, and cold. They get out of their car, step through the door to the house, and only then does pleasantness begin.

That's a best case scenario. Worst case is the owner considers it so much an afterthought that it is an overflowing storage space and is unusable for a car at all.

How shitty is that.

I like to think of a garage as a car room. A bedroom for my car.

It should be finished, well lit, and nicely appointed with decoration that is durable enough to withstand the elements introduced every time the car comes in from the inclement weather outside.

It should also be environmentally controlled to keep it pleasant in both winter and summer — but especially winter. That way, the rain can be dried from the vehicle, the clumped on snow will melt off and dry, and it isn't a damned ice box or oven when I want to dink around in the garage.

Everyone has their own ideas about their garage(s), but it's my opinion that it shouldn't be transformed into a "man cave," where the car can no longer be parked, and it shouldn't be used for storage — at all, whatsoever. If I want either of those things, I will use another room or go build an addition or stand alone building for that shit — or just not have those things as the case may be. The garage, as purposeful vehicle space, is sacrosanct.

That may just be my own personal pet peeve, but there it is.


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