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The Fantasy

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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People don't want to hear about the realities of what they want. They want what they want.

The problem with wanting what you want is that it isn't rooted in practicality.

Practicality is a vital, unavoidable key to success in every single endeavor regardless of what that endeavor is.

Another key to success is investment, and in my experience it's usually the reality of the investment that scuttles the endeavor.

Investment doesn't just include money, but time, energy, motivation, and more — and the continuation of that investment until the undertaking is complete, otherwise known as dedication.

The truth is that practical investment is the key to success, and that includes automotive projects, activities, and the hobby as a whole — sadly, that practical investment is rarely ever represented in our idyllic fantasies, but those fantasies will never come to pass without it.


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