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by Ryan King

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Being a connoisseur is a funny thing.

It doesn't mean being a fan of something.

It doesn't mean enjoying something.

It doesn't mean having experience with something.

Being a connoisseur means only one thing: being an expert judge of taste.

There are a lot of people who consider themselves connoisseurs and simply aren't.

There are a lot of people who truly enjoy something, but are not connoisseurs of it.

Being a connoisseur requires something, well, two somethings: education and refinement.

Being a connoisseur means being considered, not yourself being regarded by others, but in looking attentively and with regard towards your interest.

If you like a red Corvette, congratulations, you have a preference, you enjoy it, and if your like grows in intensity, you can enter into fandom.

If you appreciate how the paint is laid down on the Corvette, the quality of its brilliance, the way it compliments the lines and shape of the Corvette, now you are entering into the realm of the connoisseur.

Being a connoisseur may sound like a haughty, snooty, elitist bore, but only if you bring that attitude to it. Truly being a connoisseur doesn't have to mean being unappreciative of lesser quality, or differing taste, or anything else — in fact, I would argue that being that way lessens your ability to appreciate things, because all things can be appreciated — it merely means having the education and refinement to appreciate something in a more complex, more interesting, way.


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