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A Country Road in Autumn

Turn, Turn, Turn

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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As I watch the leaves on the trees outside my window change into a golden autumn display I find myself reminded of the fact that all of life is seasonal.

That cycle of life is no different for a car.

In point of fact, the discipline of product lifecycle management has done a great deal of study in that area. From research to development to manufacture to use and finally to death.

As consumers we are most familiar with the use and death part.

The problem with being enthusiasts, however, is that the use — the "life" part — isn't long enough. So we attempt to prolong them. We repair when it should be replaced, we rebuild when it should be junked. We restore when it is past its expiration date.

That's okay, too.

At the end of a product's life, there are basically two different routes a product can take, it can be disposed of, or it can be recycled. As enthusiasts, we like to recycle — just not so drastic as to return it to its basic materials to be re-used in other ways. We like to keep those materials right where they are.

Recycle on.

Just do it well, because once you recycle and recreate that car, it has life again. Do it poorly, and it'll have a shitty life. Do it well, and it'll be resurrected like a Phoenix.

Every awesome car deserves many awesome lives.

Make them glorious.


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