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Did You Know Your Hobby Runs on Biology?

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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Biology, more than just about anything else, means success or failure for your hobby, so understanding it is critical.

Although it might seem that what your cells are doing in your left butt cheek has little to do with bolting a carburetor to your small block, I assure you it does.

In a hobby as complex as a car hobby, a well-rounded education plays a crucial role in its planning and execution.

Restorations, hot rodding, rebuilds, and racing are all time and energy consuming, resource-intensive endeavors, and that means that understanding all of the aspects that go into the process leads to greater chances of success as well as utilizing those resources efficiently and effectively.

As we are all biological constructs, understanding how we function and learning how to apply that to any undertaking becomes more and more important the more complex that venture gets.

At this point, my ventures are pretty complex, fairly involved, and I'm discovering that knowing how to apply myself for the greatest effect is becoming more and more significant the deeper I get. Therefore, understanding how I work is becoming equally as important — which includes how those cells in my left butt cheek are making and using energy.

If you are interested in learning more about biology, consider checking out Biology for Dummies, Third Edition by René Fester Kratz, PhD.


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