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Happy 15th Birthday Title Image

Happy 15th Birthday!

It almost snuck by.

Posted: 12/31/17

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Assets = Liabilities + Equity Title Image

What is Your Hobby Worth?

That's a question which is just as important as the one I posed in the 11/19/17 Bench Racing post: What Are You Worth?

Posted: 12/24/17

Old School House Title Image

The Advantage of Breadth in Education

I don't think it can be stressed enough: education is critical for success.

Posted: 12/17/17

Indy Car Racing Title Image

Racing in the USA

One of my favorite activities is racing automobiles.

Posted: 12/10/17

Spices Title Image

The Spice of Life

Each one of us is unique.

Posted: 12/3/17


Open Book Title Image

The Advantage of Being Self-Taught

Growing up, I've found that many of us get a sense that "education" and "learning" are done in a school with a teacher.

Posted: 11/26/17

Green in the Red Title Image

What Are You Worth?

No, I'm not asking you to prove your worth as a person based on some other person's value system.

Posted: 11/19/17

Cat Eye Title Image

Clarity of Vision

Vision is a word that gets bandied about a lot, but I don't often see people that truly have a grasp of the concept with enough depth, breadth, or more importantly, detail.

Posted: 11/12/17

Yellow Eyed Owl Title Image

Lark, Owl or Hummingbird?

By now the concept of being a morning person or a night person is pretty common knowledge, but did you know it has an impact on your productivity?

Posted: 11/5/17


Leaving Glacier Title Image

The Sweet Nectar of Summer

All Hallows Eve is nearly upon us and unless you live in an awesome part of the country that remains perpetually warm, fall is officially here.

Posted: 10/29/17

Indy Car Engine Title Image

Getting It Done

What can you and your hobby do?

Posted: 10/22/17

Mobile Phone Close Up Title Image

Going Mobile

If you are checking out Classics and Performance on a phone or other mobile device, you might notice that something is different — it's got a design optimized for mobile use.

Posted: 10/15/17

License Plate Wall Title Image

Are You Losing to Your Collection?

Collecting, much like any other human activity, can become absurd.

Posted: 10/8/17


Distressed Light Bulb Title Image

Got Thought?

To understand the automobile, you don't need to believe things, you need to be able to think.

Posted: 9/24/17

Stacked Coins Title Image

Budgeting for Success

Hobbies and projects regularly fail, and for various reasons, but one of the most obvious is money.

Posted: 9/17/17

Place Bolts Title Image

Head Sprung

Have you ever seen these crown-headed bolts?

Posted: 9/10/17

Gentrified Industrial Building Title Image

Well, It Finally Happened

After 13 years of trial, mostly error, and lots and lots of learning, I've made Classics and Performance the website I sorta always wanted to.

Posted: 9/3/17


Frog Silhouette Title Image

Did You Know Your Hobby Runs on Biology?

Biology, more than just about anything else, means success or failure for your hobby, so understanding it is critical.

Posted: 8/20/17

Old Garage Title Image

Hobby Management Practices for Success

In business, management is often viewed as an activity you do with and for a group of people, but the reality is that management is necessary whenever complexity has to be controlled.

Posted: 8/13/17


Tropical Road Title Image

The Flaw of Logical Decisions

Decision making is a complex process and logic alone makes for a flawed decision.

Posted: 7/16/17


Toy Car Collection Title Image

Rules for Auto Enthusiasts

The world of automotive enthusiasts is both complex and varied.

Posted: 6/25/17

Brain X-Ray Title Image


We are all walking brains.

Posted: 6/18/17


Whiteboard Calendar Title Image

Planning to Fail

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!"
– Benjamin Franklin

Posted: 5/28/17

Natural History Museum Title Image


"Unquenchable curiosity" and "feverishly inventive imagination" are phrases that have been used to describe people who adhere to the renaissance ideal:

Posted: 5/21/17

Vintage Car Rusting in Desert Title Image


There's CoO, then there's RCoO.

Posted: 5/14/17


Winton Touring Car Title Image

The First Great American Road Trip

Do you know when the First Great American Road Trip was taken — I mean one that went from sea-to-shining-sea?

Posted: 2/26/17

Duryea Brothers Title Image

The First American Car

Do you know what the First American Car was?

Posted: 2/20/17

Bertha Benz Title Image

The Very First Road Trip

Did you know that Karl Benz is considered to be the father of the automobile?

Posted: 2/12/17

Shiny Engine Title Image

Perfect Isn't Good Enough

In the German automobile industry, there is a saying:

Posted: 2/5/17


Ford Twin Cities Assembly Plant Title Image

Automotive Art and Science

One of my greatest loves in life is product development.

Posted: 1/29/17

Original Shelby GT-350 Mustang Prototypes Title Image

The Definition of American Performance

Since it first rolled off of assembly lines in the mid-1960s, the Mustang has been an icon.

Posted: 1/22/17

2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Title Image

Camaro, the Best Ever?

I'm not gonna lie, the Camaro has never really stood out much for me.

Posted: 1/15/17

Old Film Camera Title Image

The Value of a Photograph

I would like to think that the vast majority of people are aware of the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words," so I'm just going to operate from that assumption for the sake of this post.

Posted: 1/8/17

Happy New Year 2017 Title Image

A New Year, A New...Whatever

I'm not a big fan of making New Year's resolutions, but I am a big fan of setting goals.

Posted: 1/2/17

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