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Racing in the USA

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by Ryan King

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One of my favorite activities is racing automobiles.

Another one is travel.

That got me thinking about what venues were available to experience racing around the country. After researching — to the best of my abilities — every available racing venue I could find, I've created a list of Racing Venues in the United States so you don't have to go through the effort yourself.

My personal interests go no further than racing street cars in the United States (to be clear — on race tracks — do not race on streets), so I only have paved racing venues listed in the US. Although it appears the majority of the circle track venues don't support street car racing on their tracks, I've included them as well, just in case. After all, the One Lap of America does have oval track racing in its event, and that event is entirely geared toward racing street cars.

I can't guarantee these tracks are operational, but as of the time of my research, these were the tracks that appeared to be up and running. I also can't speak to the quality or safety of the venues, so have fun, be safe.

Here's the link:

Racing Venues in the United States


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