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The Advantage of Breadth in Education

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by Ryan King

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I don't think it can be stressed enough: education is critical for success.

Whether you are an engineer or a tradesperson, the importance of education can't be overstated. Just like with your worklife, in your hobby, education is the difference between success and failure.

However, becoming educated can be a real challenge. Self-development is the most difficult thing a human can do because it requires change, it requires struggle, and it requires facing something we don't want to see: our shortcomings.

In fact, facing our shortcomings may very well be the most difficult part of education.

When we struggle to achieve our educational goals — whether it is to understand a concept that eludes us or attain a level of mastery in a skill — it can make us feel incompetent and hopeless.

While it is true that some people lack the basic physical, neurological, or mental elements to do certain things, for a lot of people, what seems impossible is just a matter of finding the right approach and that poses a special kind of educational challenge.

It requires not merely a deep education, but a broad one.

A broad education allows you to see a certain skill or concept from different perspectives and allows you to harness your natural talents to achieve the success your targeting. And, of course, it also provides you with the knowledge that things don't just work one way, but many, and that is beneficial in every aspect of your hobby and your life.

So, the next time you run into an issue learning a skill like painting or a concept like thermodynamics, don't give up. Your goal may just require you to learn from as many different sources as possible to understand or do whatever it is you're working with or on.


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