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2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 in Red

Camaro, the Best Ever?

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by Ryan King

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I'm not gonna lie, the Camaro has never really stood out much for me.

I've never disliked the car, and, in fact, there are several iterations I like a lot. The first gen cars, the early second gen cars, the fifth gen cars, and now the sixth.

The problem for me, with the Camaro, isn't the car itself, it's its environment. The Camaro is like a Corvette, but inferior. It competes with the Mustang, but, quite frankly, has never had the beauty, and until recently, failed to match the Mustang in its driving experience, in my opinion.

The sixth generation has changed a lot of that for me.

It's my favorite Camaro, bar none.

It's looks are at once genuinely Camaro, yet embodies more attitude – more flair. It performs like a dream – its chassis and the latest iteration of the Chevrolet small block are truly exquisite.

It still pales in comparison to the 'Vette. It's still an attempt to be the Plastic Fantastic with a couple of extra seats and added weight, but better than it has ever done. Now it really is almost a 'Vette, but with the bonus of two extra seats.

It still isn't as good looking as the Mustang, but it's getting damn close, and it has a lot more character than it ever has.

I've been a life-long Mustang fan. I grew up riding around in a '66, my first car was a '66. I've owned many after that. The Mustang has made some great improvements and is really the best it has ever been, but, in looking over the entire range of the Mustang, it simply doesn't compete with the Camaro. Although the Shelby GT-350R may be difficult to top, one car in an entire model line-up doesn't do enough to make up for its shortcomings. With everything that the Camaro does so well in its sixth generation, it makes me say, for the first time, that it is simply better than the Mustang.

In fact, for its many, many qualities, it's so good, I would dare say it may be the best all-around factory street/performance car ever made.


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