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The Flaw of Logical Decisions

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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Decision making is a complex process and logic alone makes for a flawed decision.

In our hobbies we have to make decisions, weigh outcomes, and compromise with our limited resources.

Understanding how to make decisions is a very challenging area of expertise.

As humans — although not universal — we are often drawn to make decisions which are based on desire and emotion. We are also often taught through experience and through guidance that it's important not to make decisions with emotion and desire, but with logic.

That idea, however, has been completely debunked by science in recent decades.

Good decision making requires desire, emotion, AND logic, mixed together in an appropriate balance.

Logic, by itself, carries no import, meaning that, if logic is used as the only thought process to make a choice, the choice may be sound based solely on theoretical use of resources, but produce results which don't generate the right outcomes because there wasn't any fulfilling direction taken, or that lead to failure because risks and other issues raised by emotion, weren't heeded.

Emotion and desire, bereft of logic, don't take into account important limitations, only wants, base needs, fears, etc. This, of course, leads to over extending resources, not staying a course, losing resources due to indecisiveness, etc, which ultimately leads to failure.

A proper decision is made with moderate, telling emotions, clearly understood desires, and sound, properly applied logic — meaning that desire provides import, direction, results, and emotions provide warning for possible dangers, and a plethora of other important reactions, while logic helps you plan a proper path, helps you analyze dangers, or stops you before you take a disastrous route that you are unaware of as being perilous.

The balance necessary for effective decision making has become an area of much modern scientific study and has played out effectively and repeatedly in those studies.

Although decision making is far more complex a subject than I can properly address in a blog post, understanding it is critical to the success of your hobby and one that should be studied relentlessly if you want to find the best way to achieve your automotive dreams.


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