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Planning to Fail

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!"
– Benjamin Franklin

Planning is a complex subject, so I completely understand if you don't do it — you aren't alone.

However, if you don't, you really are planning to fail.

An automotive hobby is a complex endeavor — and I'm not referring to the tune-up or oil change you're going to perform over the weekend.

An automotive hobby doesn't only consist of the work such as a single car repair, it consists of all the things that make the car repair possible, too — and all of the repairs and other services you plan to perform. That includes the car(s), space(s), materials, tools, money, etc, you'll need to partake in your pastime.


That complexity means a critical need to understand planning so that you can make the right choices — the sustainable choices — that will allow you to succeed at your hobby.

I know that, because, like virtually every other automotive hobbiest out there, I started with a car that eventually had a problem, which led me down a rabbit hole of cost, time, energy, education, etc. Unlike a lot of enthusiasts, however, I've also learned a great deal about business, product development, project management, design, engineering, science, art, psychology, and much, much more.

Having the perspective that I do, I now recognize where I made so many poor choices just trying to get a problem resolved. Just trying to participate in my love of automobiles.

Just trying to get this one thing done — whatever that one thing was at the time.

All of those "one things" added up to a resource-consuming monster. A monster I love to be sure, but a monster none-the-less.

The trick, I learned, to taming that monster, is to understand how to plan on many different levels, just like in a business. Just like in product development. Just like in project management.

Without that plan, Benjamin Franklin was correct, you are planning to fail.


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