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Are You Losing to Your Collection?

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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Collecting, much like any other human activity, can become absurd.

Understanding collecting is important for the collector and one of the most important aspects is whether or not your collection fits within the confines of your life.

Here are some distinct areas to consider when deciding whether or not your collection is a pleasurable past time or a burden:

  • Does your collection hamper you financially? Are your spending habits excessive? Are you going into debt amassing things? Are you choosing between basic necessities and kitsch? If you answered yes to any of these, it's probably time to take a look in the mirror and reconsider your financial choices.
  • Does your collection hamper you socially? If your interest in old racing oil from dragsters has exceeded a reasonable limit and people don't want to get near you anymore because you smell like the stuff, well, it's a sign you need to reconsider your lifestyle, cuz, dude. Really?
  • Does your collection hamper you personally? Do you find yourself crawling over your stuff to get to your other stuff? Can you not open the doors in your home because, you know, stuff? Does your stuff require constant attention that should and could be better spent taking care of your health or bathing? If your stuff dominates your life, you are losing to your collection and need to reconsider your life choices.

There are many ways to keep a collection from becoming an encumbrance such as finding purpose, organizing things, and keeping your accumulation in check. Almost everyone collects stuff. People decorate their houses with art and curios all the time and there isn't anything wrong with it, but there's a difference between decorating your house or hobby cave, and turning it into a disheveled shrine to used pistons.


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