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Getting It Done

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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What can you and your hobby do?

That's an important question and it gets right to the heart of what you're trying to accomplish with your pastime.

In any plan, you need a goal, but then, you need to understand how to achieve the goal, and it's amazing how many people — because they either have no clue, or simply don't fully grasp the endeavor they are undertaking — fail because what they can do doesn't properly support the results they want to achieve.

There are many, many aspects that make up achievement, but, when you focus on producing something — as in the case of the restorer or hot rodder — the four overarching measures of ability lie within the concepts of productivity, capacity, capability, and quality. In order to understand how these concepts impact success, you need to understand their definitions.

In order to understand productivity, you need to understand that it isn't what you produce or how hard you work. Productivity is only a measure of how much you produce over a period of time using a specific quantity of resources. It's the measure of speed and efficiency — and nothing more.
Capacity is the ultimate measure of something. How much can you produce. It isn't constrained by time, nor does it concern itself with what it takes to make it. It only measures volume.
This, more than most things, is important for the hobbiest. Capability measures what you can achieve. Not volume, not speed, not efficiency. Basically, this is what can you do. Can you rebuild a rear end? That's a capability.
This is the pinnacle of importance for a hobbiest, because it describes the characteristics of the results. It defines the finished aesthetics and function of a product. This measures how good you are at producing something.

Each of these factors plays a unique role in your hobby and understanding what they are is critical to learning how to manage them so you can produce the results you want.

For more info on these concepts, as well as how they play a part within a larger enterprise — such as your hobby — check out the Complete Idiot's Guide to MBA Basics by Tom Gorman.


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