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Going Mobile

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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If you are checking out Classics and Performance on a phone or other mobile device, you might notice that something is different — it's got a design optimized for mobile use.

Okay, "optimized" might be a bit of a stretch. How about "improved?"

Classics and Performance now has a design improved for mobile users.

As you can see the major changes are that the images and text fill the screen for easier viewing and the navigation is pushed to the bottom of the pages.

Going forward, I'll be continuing to make minor improvements to further streamline the mobile experience as time allows.

If you're on a computer, you might notice a change to a more readable typeface. I originally designed the site to have a more informal feel, which for me, worked. I had no trouble reading the hand-written typeface, but as I started to develop the mobile site, I realized that it wasn't as legible and needed an upgrade. Updating the mobile site to the new typeface is my next goal — I just didn't have the time to do that before publication. Baby steps.

Until next time, enjoy — and keep her between the ditches!


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