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Raindrops on the Cobalt SS/SC

And the Rains Came

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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As I write this, it's still summer, but fall is letting me know it's coming.

Today I turned the Cobalt into the body shop to have the hood and door repaired.

The weather was cold and the showers were torrential.

To be fair, I consider just about anything in the 60s to be cold, unless the weather conditions are just right, then 67-69 can be decent. In that case, the air has to be still or blowing warm, and the sun must be constant — even then, I won't like standing in the shade.

Of course, I'm genuinely comfortable in 90+ degree weather and I consider the 70s to be cool, but decent — the 80s are pleasantly warm.

Back to the important stuff, though: I dropped the Cobalt off today to have the hood and door repaired. That's the last hurdle before my upcoming trip — this time to Arizona. Even though I'll be working, it doesn't begin to dampen my enthusiasm — I'm that thrilled that I'll be leaving the shit weather behind for a while.

Hopefully, when I get the Cobalt back, she'll be just like new.

My fingers are crossed.


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