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Cobalt Re-Work

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by Ryan King

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I know body shops hate re-work, but here's the thing, the Cobalt needed some help after its recent stint in the body shop.

As I was getting ready to hit the road, I noticed an issue on the driver side door just under the mirror. It wasn't obvious in most lighting conditions, but today, there was enough light reflecting off the blacktop that I saw it as plain as, well, day. A paint sag was poking out from under the mirror attachment point on the door.

Luckily, the body shop is really good about re-work and my estimator told me to bring the Cobalt in so they could take care of it. Of course, I'll have to wait until I get back from Arizona, because I don't have the time to leave it for a few days while they make the problem go away.

Then I noticed the rear quarter glass seal/trim was lifting up.

After a careful inspection, it seems the technician didn't put enough trim glue on the attachment pad that adheres to the body, the seal itself appears warped or bent — either from age or the effort needed to remove it during the repair — and it's pulling away from the body panel. I wish I had the time to address it appropriately, but I don't. I just hope it doesn't peel the rest of the way off, flap against the body, and cause some paint damage while I'm gone.

Now, I'm going on my trip. I mean it. I hope there are some interesting things to write about — but not too interesting. I want the car to return in one piece.


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