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Unfinished Business

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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I got the Cobalt SS back from the body shop in record time — but the body work isn't done.

No, the body shop didn't do a terrible job.

The reason the body work isn't done is that the driver side door badges aren't on the car yet.

I have a history with this and there is a distinct issue I have with the precision of the badge installation. The first time the Cobalt had to have the badges removed and re-installed, the technicians put them on wrong. We're talking upwards of nearly half an inch off — and not necessarily straight, to boot.

That simply won't work for me.

Luckily, I was able to take careful measurements from the photos I shot of the car prior to the body work the first time (a trick I was able to do because I have a degree in design and the requisite know-how to use Photoshop), and the estimator and I went about removing and installing them correctly.

After that fiasco, I do all the badge installations for my cars myself.

As per my request, the estimator made certain the badges were waiting for me in the car so that I could install them when I got it back.

Installing the badges is next on my agenda. To do it, I'll have to construct a template similar to what the manufacturers use to install the badges at the factory — although, not nearly as fancy. This one is intended to be disposable and won't be as intricate.

As a bonus, I don't have to do anything to clean up the car for the trip, they washed and vacuumed it for me while it was in the shop, so now I just have to get ready to go.


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