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Living without a Budget

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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The greatest thing about not having a budget is not being limited by it.

As I work to find solutions for issues I face, I find myself able to break out of whatever logical loop I'm working within because I don't have a ceiling on my spending looming over my head as I attempt to resolve whatever dilemma I'm challenged by. I'm free to research and develop the most effective, elegant, comprehensive solution I possibly can.

If I need a shop solution, I just work the problem from the result I want to achieve backwards to the processes needed to produce it. Then I refine the solution until I have the perfect space, the ideal environment, the best machines, equipment, and tools necessary to be the most productive.

I don't have to worry that I won't have the necessary expertise, because I can always get it, and I can afford all the parts, materials, and supplies needed to learn how to do it, then be able to execute it flawlessly as many times as I need to.

Yep. Having no money makes it a lot easier to think like I have no budget, because I don't.

In all seriousness, I find developing an ideal solution is an important step towards finding a solution that works in a situation that has constraints because it allows for informed compromise.

With informed compromise, it's possible for me to remove unnecessary results that require unavailable resources, to remove excessively intensive processes, or to choose tools, etc, that will be adequate to get the job done but cost less. It also provides me an opportunity to realize when an inadequate choice won't get the job done and help to abstain from investing in a decision that will go nowhere and ultimately cause a loss in my limited, potentially irreplaceable resources.


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