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Freshly Scrubbed Cobalt SS

Cleaning the Cobalt SS: Day 2

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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I spent another three hours on the Cobalt today.

That's a total of six between the two.

I spent the first hour completing the vacuum of the jams, then I pre-cleaned the body to clear the remaining pollen, tree sap, clay, pine needles, dirt, and bugs.

Thankfully, GreaseMaster excels at this kind of work. With the thick crud removed, it didn't take much more than two hours of spraying and scrubbing with brushes and a bug and tar remover pad to get 98% of it off.

There are still a few spots left here and there, but nothing I can't take care of easily.

Next up is the engine compartment. I'll need to degrease it, but I'm waiting to dress it until I finish cleaning the rest of the body, glass, trim, wheels and tires, and interior.

To wash it down I'm going to use GreaseMaster on the entire engine compartment. When I get around to making it pretty, I'll use Mothers' Professional Silicone-Free Dressing to spiff it up and bring out the shine.

Okay, create the shine.

Why the Professional Silicone-Free Dressing and not just something off the shelf at the local auto parts store? I'm picky and I don't like introducing silicone into the cracks and crevices of the body. Although I will hopefully not have to have any more paint or body work done to the car, I'd rather reduce the chances of a paint defect if I can. In case you don't know, silicone-based car care products are a big no-no in body shops. They create nasty fish eyes in paint.

That's enough for this evening — tomorrow is another day of doing stuff to the wee beastie.


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