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2007 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Supercharged Posterized

Reconciling with My Demon

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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Today My Speed Demon and I made a big step forward: I introduced it to the Cobalt for the first time.

Coming to terms with it was obviously a painful experience for my angry little idol.

Change is often difficult, and I imagine it's even more so with a god complex.

One full throttle blast was enough to perk its little horns up, though.

I've discovered that if there's one thing the Cobalt excels at above all else, it's changing people's minds.

It's not that it's over-the-top fast, it's the way it achieves it. It's completely devoid of lag, the torque comes in instantly and doesn't let up until the rev limiter kicks in — and it has the kind of throttle response you'd expect of a '60s Muscle Car, not a modern car.

After I put it through the paces in some corners, My Speed Demon's face was positively beaming with mischievousness.

Now that it approves of my choice, we seem to be on good terms — but if experience has taught me anything about My Speed Demon, it's that only time will tell.


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