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Dealing with the Dent

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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Dealing with the repairs to the Cobalt has been a bit of a whirlwind since I got back from vacation.

I have another trip I need to take shortly and I'll be gone for nearly a month and — of course — I need to have the Cobalt ready before then. Trying to arrange the repairs between three separate shops within a narrow timeframe has been a challenge.

Ideally, I want to have the car into the Chevrolet dealership for the chassis repair first, then into the glass shop for the windshield replacement, followed by finishing it up in the body shop. That way I can keep the fresh paint from getting any more fondling than it can handle.

While it's in the body shop for the hood, I'll have them take care of what appears to be a BB dent in the door that's been there for a year or so. I hadn't exactly forgotten it was there, but it wasn't critical and I've been busy so it hasn't remained on the top of my mind. I was reminded of it when I was detailing the car and now seems like the right time to deal with it.

Ironically, the BB dent is going to cost around twice what the hood dent will because nearly the entire side of the car has to be torn down so the paint can be blended properly.

I can see how a person who doesn't understand body repair can think their being bilked out of their hard-earned dollars even when the body shop is being completely honest and doing a first-rate job. A teeny-tiny ding in a door doesn't seem like it should cost as much to take care of as a larger dent on a larger panel, but the truth hurts sometimes. Had I not understood everything that they were doing, I would have probably felt that way, too.

It's interesting, when I was doing the detailing to the car, I said I didn't want to use silicone-based car care products because I didn't want there to be any problems with potential future paint work. I even mentioned that at the time, I had no plans to ever take the car into the shop for any more body work.

I had no idea how close I was to an unplanned body shop visit.

C'est la vie.


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