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Compounding, Polishing, Glazing, and Waxing, Oh My!

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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Day 10.

11 hours.

That's 46 total.

It's not done yet.

My feet hate me. My back hates me. My arms and shoulders and hamstrings hate me. I may hate me a little bit at this point, as well.

The title says it all. Today I got through compounding the bad spots with 3M Rubbing Compound, polishing and glazing the rest with Mothers' Pure Polish and Micro-Polishing Glaze on Mothers' Applicator Pads (yes, I did it ALL by hand), and got about half-way done waxing with Mothers' Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax, again on their Applicator Pads.

This is going to be an extremely brief post. This sucks to say to my readers, but I'm simply too tired to say more. I've waxed-on and waxed-off more than Daniel-san did on Karate Kid and now I'm going to collapse into my bed and pretend the world doesn't exist.

Good night.


U.S. Military Name Tapes Link