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Adventure Coffee

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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I've picked up a new habit: Adventure Coffee.

Yes, with capital letters. It's a proper name.

What is Adventure Coffee and how does it work, you ask?

Adventure Coffee happens when you hunt down a coffee location some distance from you and drive to it.

When you go on an Adventure Coffee run, you get to see scenery, spend time with your car, learn things, and have coffee. If you're like me and can take your work with you, it can even be a respite from the office. It's great in warm weather when you can sit outside and work, but it's also awesome in shitty weather, when you can sit inside and do the same — just not AT work.

That's what I did today while working on the website update for this week — and it was glorious.

Now you have an update, I've had coffee, and the LX has a new project, Project: Special K. Go check it out in the Car Projects section, under the LX. I wish I could say that I've begun working on it, but other than putting the project idea together, I'm not. It is, however, the next Car Project I'll be tackling, when I'm able to start again.

I hope your projects are going well, and until next time keep her on the straight and narrow...unless there's a turn, then negotiate the turn.


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