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Chartering a Project

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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Another week, another project.

Well, another project charter.

What's a project charter?

In project management, the project begins with what's called a statement of work, which essentially is an outline of what needs to be done on a project. The project manager receives this statement of work from the project instigator (otherwise known as the project sponsor) then uses the statement of work to create a more detailed project charter to get a sign off from the instigator and the primary individuals responsible for executing the work of the project.

The statement of work and the project charter have similar information, but the project charter includes things like preliminary cost and time estimates for the work.

Since I don't need to bring myself a statement of work to request a project, nor do I require certain details typically contained within a project charter, I've created a bastardization of the two that allows me to get a clear idea of what a project will entail, but without all the excess that I don't need in order to decide whether or not a project holds enough merit for me to move forward into detailed planning.

What does this project charter look like, you might ask?

Well, I've written one for each of three projects so far and posted them on the pages of their respective garages and cars, most recently, today, for the Storage Garage, entitled Project: Storage Unit Project: Big Top.

As I mentioned last week, I'll continue to roll out these projects as I'm able.

Until next time, don't grind off something important.


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