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The Cobalt and the Ryobi Power Inflator

Getting Weird

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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I had a plan.

Head to Glacier National Park, test my new Ryobi 18V One+ Power Inflator while on the road — where I intend to use it.

The trip didn't disappoint.

I ran into about six miles of construction on the way and found myself on about four miles of rough dirt road while in the park.

I'm not driving out to the Apgar Lookout trailhead again in the Cobalt ;)

That road was rough on the little beast. There weren't a lot of pot holes, but lots of rocks sitting on hard packed dirt, making it a real challenge for the tires.

I could tell when I got back on pavement that the tire pressure in the Pirellis had gotten lower because the steering, while perfectly tight, was sluggish and harder to turn.

You can check out the review for the little handheld Ryobi 18V One+ Power Inflator in the Machine, Equipment, and Tool Reviews section.

The Pirellis, however, have been a dream on this trip. Super smooth, lots of traction, very controllable in all driving situations.

As an added bonus, the suspension held up with nary a whimper, as well.

After years of dealing with the crappy GM front end parts on the Cobalt, I've become timid over any road irregularity. I had to be. It didn't take much to knock the ball joints and tie-rod ends out.

The Moog stock replacement stuff is holding together fine though. It's as tight as a brand-new car.

Even the brakes are showing no signs of warping.

This car is downright pleasant to take on road trips now.

The engine — though, tiny — effortlessly powers the car out on the open road.

To be sure, I would still prefer a Muscle Car, but, I've got no complaints anymore.



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