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Home on the Range

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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I happen to love rural areas, but this time of year the range can get pretty gnarly to live on.

A lot of rural areas tend to be towards mountainous regions and those regions tend to have longer more aggressive winters. The thing is, those are the areas that attract me. Although I love the wilderness, it's too remote for my daily life. Towards the other extreme, the city — even the suburbs — makes my skin crawl with the press of people.

Plus, city and suburban areas are stupid-expensive.

I need just enough area infrastructure to allow me to have sufficient access to the necessary utilities to run the Car Lot, balanced against the property size and cost — the lack of people is just a bonus that improves my daily life in no small measure.

Given my lack of personal resources, my situation as a whole means finding a money pit somewhere in the boonies that will allow me to start making my hobby dreams a reality and push Classics and Performance forward out of its adolescent state so that it can become what I envisioned when I started it 17 years ago.

At this point, I have my work cut out for me: find my home on the range before I'm so old this whole endeavor is for naught. On the bright side, even if I end up with inclement weather in the winters, those can be spent in the Wrench Works tinkering — and, I assure you, financial shortcomings or not, if it's going to be cold, that thing will be well heated.


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