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Abandoned Barn in the Snow

Hopes and Dreams

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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Man, I wish I had a shop to use my new Longacre Pro Precision 4.5" Tire Gauge in.

It's cold out, the weather is inclement, and using it in the driveway sucks right now.

It would be nice to set the tire pressure on the Cobalt SS/SC again, but I avoid freezing temperatures like the plague.

Thankfully I performed the original test back in September — it's only now making it up onto the site.

You can find the review for the Longacre Pro Precision Tire Gauge in the Machinery, Equipment, and Tool Reviews section.

With the temperatures plummeting, it makes me appreciate my Hobby Complex — and the Garage and Wrench Works in particular — even more.

Well, the idea anyway.

Not having a shop makes it difficult to truly appreciate it in the concrete sense.

As I sit in my office/living space toiling away to improve my situation, caressing my rapidly cooling and disappearing coffee, waiting for the heat to come back on to fight back the freezing temperatures sapping the heat through the walls, I can only hope for a holiday miracle to change my fortune at the present.

Okay, I'm simply too pragmatic for that kind of wishful thinking. Instead, I'm working day-in and day-out to make my dreams a reality.

I'm stubborn.

It'll happen or I'll go down fighting. Either way, I'll get somewhere.

If you're the generous type, you can help out for free just by liking, following, and even sharing posts from the Facebook page for Classics and Performance or any of the Car Projects.

I hope all of you out there who have a warm shop to work in are making headway on your own projects — I'll join you eventually.

Now, I'm going to go make some more coffee.


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