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Being Friendly

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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Recently I returned to the interweb's social scene after being insular and anti-social for more than a decade.

Truth be told, social interaction isn't my thing.

I struggle with it mightily.

Not only do I lack certain social skills and have a natural way of communicating that turns off a number of people, social interaction makes me incredibly uncomfortable — much like wearing an ill-fitting wool onesie on a hot day.

No, I don't wear onesies.

That said, I'm coming out of my shell one more time.

Now that I've buried the announcement, here it is: Classics and Performance is finally on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can also connect with me on the forums CobaltSS.net, StangNet, and Team Chevelle under the handle hrspwrjunkie.

Now for the desperate plea:

If you'd be so kind, you can help a dude out by liking, following, sharing, and generally just being friendly.

Thanks for cruising Classics and Performance!


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