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The Original 351 Interior

Car Time

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by Ryan King

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This time of the year has long been special to me.

Kind of like a birthday as a little kid.

I bought my first car in February when I was 16 and the experience stuck with me ever since.

I still remember the day very vividly.

It was bright and sunny. It was warm for February. I found the Original 351 in a newspaper ad and it was right within my price range: my entire life savings.

I remember the smell of the car. The first time I sat behind the wheel. I confidently assured the owner that I could handle driving it because I drove my Mom's '66 Mustang.

I touched the gas pedal for the first time and sent a rooster tail of gravel up into the air.

I was sold instantly.

Using first gear effectively was always a challenge in that car.

I rarely used it at all.

One of the things I like about this time of year is that I can tell spring is just around the corner.

The days begin to get noticeably longer.

I still have a mildly Pavlovian response: It's time to get a car and get it ready for the coming summer.

Now that I think about it, this time of year is better than a birthday.

It's car time.


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