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Getting the Cobalt Ship Shape...Again

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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There's really only one thing I'm a pro at, and it's crastinating.

After a few weeks, I finally got the Cobalt SS/SC into the body shop to get the paint sag and quarter window seal repaired. They were so quick about it, the estimator asked me if I wanted to wait in the lobby — but I went and got coffee instead.

The Cobalt is finally back in shape and she runs like a top again. While she was previously at the dealership getting the throttle body repaired, I also had the oil changed, the air filter replaced, the fuel system flushed and the tune-up done.

She runs like a new car and looks spiffy to boot.

I've been kinda hard on her recently, what with all the issues she's been throwing at me, but other than not being able to handle a road trip without some major catastrophe befalling her, she's in really nice shape for a 12-year old, 125,000 mile car. And I can honestly say I still love the little LSJ engine — it really does drive like it's brand new.

That's all I have left to report and that wraps up my automotive adventures with the Cobalt for a while.

I hope.

I say that only because my adventures have been a little more adventurous as of late than I've intended them to be and they've done a heck of a job stripping my finances to the bone.

Although not as expensive as keeping up the GT as a daily driver/touring car/race car used to be, the Cobalt is way more costly to maintain than the Saturn SL2 it replaced five — almost six — years ago. Of course, the SL2 never saw any serious open road activity before its untimely demise — so I can't say how well it would have managed the number of road trips the Cobalt has taken me on.

By the time this Bench Racing blog post is published, it will have been two or three months since I finished repairing the Cobalt from the road trip and I have no clue when my next adventure may happen — if one will happen. Classics and Performance still has no home, so no projects are underway for the Project Cars, nor are there any planned, however, I will continue to post. I'm not disengaging with my hobby — or Classics and Performance — I'm still learning, researching and planning where I'm heading with it.

Until next time, keep her out of the bushes.


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