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Happy New Year 2019!

Holistic Hot Rodding

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by Ryan King

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Through my love of the automobile, I've found myself delving deeply into numerous related subjects.

My most recent interest has been architecture — especially that from the turn of the 20th century up until the 1970s. More specifically, industrial architecture related to the automobile — a subject that isn't written about much.

I have this thing about needing to understand how things work. This burning itch exists for many reasons, but what matters is that it's there. Consequently, when it came time to consider how to properly execute a car build — many years ago — I realized I needed to understand everything about it, which includes how to design, engineer, and build a building to execute my evil plans in. I realized that only through understanding everything, can I be assured that any investment I make in my hobby will produce the results I'm working toward.

In the coming years, you're going to see more reviews, posts, and projects related to the facilities I'm attempting to put together to execute my car quest. To begin, just last month, I posted a review of the Gas Station in America — my own initial foray into the history of automotive-related architecture. For this update, I've posted another review of a book related to automotive architecture, the Garage: Automobility and Building Innovation in America's Early Auto Age.

After all, Classics and Performance is about sharing what I'm doing with my automotive hobby. My goal is to help provide ideas, inspiration, and knowledge for others — not toot my horn or just write about cars.

Although I've written a number of op-ed articles on topics related to the automotive hobby in Bench Racing over the years, I hope you find this more holistic approach to the entire site a welcome addition.

Happy New Year!


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