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The Broken Window of the Cobalt SS/SC

Lookin' for Adventure

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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In whatever comes my way.

Boy, that got too interesting, real quick.

As I mentioned previously, I was hoping for something to write about on my most recent trip, but not too interesting, because I wanted the car to return in one piece.

Wouldn't you know, first night on the road, the car was broken into.

To steal a backpack.

My hiking backpack with nothing of any value in it.

The passenger side window they shattered to get into the poor Cobalt was of some value, though.

At least to me.

In one piece.

Still in the car.

Well, I guess, technically, most of it remained in the car — all over the seats and the floor.

Thankfully it was a pleasant night for driving with the window down, because I still had 12-13 hours to go on my trip and wasn't going to be able to make it before the sun went down. That didn't mean I didn't have the heat cranked all the way up to keep my bare legs warm at freeway speeds, nor that I didn't have a coat on. Thankfully my softshell did the job — mostly.

The car arrived safely, wasn't stolen over night at the new hotel, and I got the window replaced before anything worse could happen.

Special thanks to the insurance rep for arranging the repair in a foreign place, and the Safelite glass technician for dealing with such a mess and doing an exceptional job, all while in the hotel parking lot.

That took care of an immeasurable amount of headache for me, which could have derailed the whole trip.

Now it's time to party...I mean work.

I really do have a lot of work to do.


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