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by Ryan King

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It seems that, just to prove my point about the Hobby Complex plan being fluid, it already needs to be revised.

I'm not changing the buildings, only the sequence in which they're built.

After putting the Car Lot project page together, I was able to consider the Garage Projects from a different perspective, and I now realize that the cost I was attempting to defer and the sequence needed to efficiently and effectively achieve my goals are in direct opposition and in this circumstance, sequencing is going to win-out.

Project management can be a real bear.

No biggie, I've just rearranged the Garage Projects section and tinkered with some of the wording on the individual garage pages where appropriate to resolve the problem.

Now the sequence looks a little different, but the advantages will be obvious once they're underway. Here's the new arrangement:

In support of the new garage arrangement, I've gone ahead and written up the first project proposal (officially known as a project charter) for the Car Lot, entitled Plotting and Scheming. In it, I address the first need for my Hobby Complex: layout of the building foundations, walkways, driveways, fence, and gates.

It will also include the layout and installation of the utility services I'll need for the Hobby Complex.

That's all for now.

Still no property to put the Car Lot on, so this all remains pissing in the wind at this point.

One day I'll have an actual income, then, by golly, I'll have a Hobby Complex, too.

Hope your summer is full of hot rods, wrenches, and road trips.


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