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by Ryan King

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Bugatti has its Atelier, I have my Wrench Works.

At least I hope to.


Previously called the Service Garage, I've updated the name to something a little more catchy.

Do you know that atelier is French for artist's studio or workshop? It's true.

In-so-far as Bugatti is using the term, it fits my shop as well. The Wrench Works is a sort of atelier for my cars. Except, I plan to do less creative work and more craft work. Meaning, precision assembly, rather than artistic expression. But maybe one day I'll get creative with a car.

Maybe something one-off, like a custom-designed, coach-built ride. Dunno, not my focus at the moment.

At the moment, I've managed to update the project to build the Wrench Works, as well, now titled Project: Space Maker. Hear how it rhymes with pace maker?

Catchy, no?

It's also accurate. I need more space to get things done than the 12'x20' Service Garage idea it replaces.

Even with the Wrench Works now being 25'x40' with a 12' attached carport, it's still going to make working in it tight. I have stuff I want to accomplish and that stuff takes space, but at least this space will allow me to do it, even if it will be much more of a challenge than I would prefer.

Anyways, that's all for June.

I'll ramble more at you next month.



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