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Three Old Sheds

Boxed In

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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Normally, being boxed in is an issue, but within my Hobby Complex, the Boxes are a row of sheds that allow me to free up work space — and freedom is good.

Space in my Service Garagethe Wrench Works — is going to be limited, thus, the need for a cost-conscious alternative that's also conveniently located. I found that sheds should do the trick.

The first shed to be built is the Junk Box for storing stuff related to working on the property — which will be built just before the Workshop. The second shed will be the Toolbox, intended to house equipment for working on my Car Projects. The third will be the Toy Box, which will house car project and repair inventory that I need within easy reach, but not necessarily immediately.

As of now, both of the final two sheds will likely be built after the Warehouse Storage Garage, but before the Service Garage. The reason for not putting them last is that I need them to effectively use the Wrench Works, so waiting until after it's built would just postpone my use of the already constructed Service Garage, not defer costs.

Ideally, I would build them right alongside the Junk Box, but, although they are less expensive than garage space, they aren't free and have to be built judiciously. Since I'm pretty certain that I won't need them for building the Workshop, doing the home improvements that'll likely be needed, the construction of the attached Parking Garage and Carport, or popping up the RV Cover, I feel comfortable waiting. Where I'm less confident about their need is in building the largest building, the Warehouse. I need it up as quickly as possible to move all my hobby stuff into, so reducing any cost I can will ultimately help me achieve that more quickly, so I'm going to roll the dice and hold off until that point.

As with any successful plan, timing is everything. And as with many a plan, the way the timing of the buildings fit together in the development of my Hobby Complex is less about impossibilities and more about finding an effective deployment strategy for reaching the ultimate goal.

Well, that's it for this week. I hope you're enjoying the hell out of summer.

Until next time, keep those wheels spinning.


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